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Working with Bamboo General discussion: All aspects about design, construction, tools and techniques.

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Old 24th April 2012, 12:54 AM
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Choosing bamboo

Hi, I'm new here

I'm an artist, and I have an idea for a sculpture I'd like to make, for which I need a natural material that is hollow and can be bent, but will be somewhat sturdy when finished. I think bamboo might work, but I'm not sure what kind I should be looking for, both in terms of species and green vs. dry (I'm not sure if I have my vocab right, either!). I want two different kinds of material: something that's similar to the kind of reeds used in basket-weaving, but hollow, and something that's hollow but has more heft to it than a basket reed. For the latter I'm pretty sure I'd need bamboo poles, but are there other parts of the bamboo that would be better for the former? Or would I just want very small poles?

From what I've read, it seems like the most recommended way of bending dry bamboo is using heat, but I do not have access to a heat gun/blowtorch. What other methods are there? Would it be better to get fresh bamboo? Is a sculpture made from fresh bamboo difficult to store safely/keep in good condition, or is it susceptible to rotting/insects/etc ?

Any help you all could give me would be much appreciated!
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